“Logo II” is a public test applied during my stay in the city of Cordoba (Argentina) for the exhibition “Pioneros de un viaje a ningún lado” at the Contemporary Museum of Art of Cordoba (Caraffa).


It is a study that I have been conducting on the relationship between the “individual” and the “logo”. The logo by definition usually includes some symbol that is associated with almost immediate way what it represents. This means that the individual summarizes his being as a symbol. In this case I wanted to use two logos, one with a political charge and one with a purely economic burden. Both carried in a theoretical context are antagonistic, but in your reality are quite similar. Since 70′ mostly all the production of sneakers of Nike are make it in Vietnam a country who has a strong connection with Communism. This is a performance who talks about contradiction and how we carry this idealism.


Based on this, we decided to take this intervention in the most literal way.


Many thanks to Santi Sgarlatta the director of the short film without his vision this would be impossible and also to the best actor in the world Cali Rogers without his passion and craziness this would be impossible too.


And I don’t forget the best male in the world who build the logo
Daniel Padilla


Thanks Kosovo GalleryJavier Maria Feijoo and Nicola Mac


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