“Eldest Brother (Sisro)” 2016

Hermano Mayor_oil acrylics_140x140_2016


Oil and acrylics on canvas (2016)

“1st of September” (2015)

1st of September Acrylic and oils on Canvas 52x 82.5 Inches


Oils on Canvas.  52x 82.5 Inches. (2015)

Series “Logos” (1-9)

eversiempre_ eversiempre__6 eversiempre__8 eversiempre__3 eversiempre__4


Oil on paper 13″x15″ (2015)


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“Looking into to the infinite”, Ever x Zio Ziegler (2015)

%22Looking into to the infinite%22 5x6 Mixed in canvas. Zio Ziegler x Ever 2015



“Looking into to the Infinite”
Mixed on canvas. 5×6 ft (2015)