Personal interpretation of the death of idealism_bottom__graz_austria_2014 Personal interpretation of the death of idealism_graz_austria_2014 Personal interpretation of the death of idealism_zoom_graz_austria_2014



Special thanks to Axel Void for made the beatiful lettering

Livin Streets Festival

★EVER// Argentina ☛ ☛ LOCATION: Taggerwerk DATE: 03.07.–13.07. STYLE: mural with mainly brush IMAGE SIZE: aprox. 300m² ACTIVITY: not active Taggertower We are looking forward to meet the argentinian painter EVER who will come to graz to paint another impressive wall at taggerwerk. his colourfull images can be found in several countries all over the world, mostly with a psychedelic touch. Next to this ever´s work has a strong connection to human desires so some of his work even may have a provocating message inside, some an almost epic feeling and communication going on. His art has a style going into classical aproach and is made most with brushes and paint rollers

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