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When I got to Tijuana I looked up and stared at the clouds, then at the birds, hopping from side to side. When I looked at the ground, I saw a wall made of metal and concrete; I looked at two families talking, from one side to the other. Two bloods divided by mankind’s irrationality.


I looked up again, searching for an explanation; maybe the birds could tell me more. I realized they were wiser. I looked up searching for freedom, but it was too high, too far away.


“Metaphor for freedom.” Tis but a word; I couldn’t imagine it, I couldn’t draw shapes, because I was unable to see them. I only used the shadow on the wall, to portray the division of that wall, between reality and how far it is from it. The wall is located in the center of the city, where the hangover of the future defeated lies, those individuals that can only look up.


We are nomads by nature, searching for the future incessantly. The day we decide to become better human beings, we’ll need to break those barriers. Then and only then, will we truly achieve freedom.


There are 11 million foreigners who managed to live without papers, I do not know if the future is on the other side, but it’s good to choose. It would be great to make the man in the suit, standing in front of the microphone, understand this.


Special thanks to @alonsodelgadillo and @libre.gutierrez for brought me there and make feel like home.

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