The idea of the project is based in the literal union of the two concepts of “art” and “technology”. The objective is to bring painting (a centennial art with an established social construct and associated symbolism) into a confrontation with the machine (the result of human intelligence, a symbol of progress in relation to the future), and observe the consequences that are produced in this other metalanguage that is the “past” (painting) and “future” (machine).

Within these parameters, the immediacy of information is highlighted, as well as the relationship of the individual in the contemplation of their experience in the space. So, every time the observer takes a photo of the work and uploads it onto the internet, the machine activates and applies pressure to the work, causing it to buckle. This means that the preservation of the work depends on the spectators. What is the work worth, if the individual experience is either to share the information on the internet, or to simply contemplate their own internal persona.

Artwork in gallery Buenos Aires


Opening art exhibition Buenos AiresPeople participating during art exhibition

Machine destroying a piece of art

The art piece before Art piece destroyed during an art showArt piece Buenos AiresArt piece Buenos Aires

Details of the destroying process of the canvas

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