Description of how the comunism meet the capitalism Description of how the occidental ideas arrive to China

And sometimes the world wants to know everything about everything: describe, quantify & number, to find (maybe) the answer for the handling of our uncertainties. Societies living inside closed circles of immediate pleasures, politics and religion. These premises invade our souls to make us understand that our destiny is written, sometimes by others.

The explanations are already written, they are taught to us from childhood, they instruct us, we are afraid of them, they tell us what to do and what not to do, what is normal and where do we belong.

This noble and sincere essay, is my way of interpreting the uncertainties of political societies: their future and their past. Human relations: its pleasures and miseries. The interactions of these concepts create life and its meaning. Beyond any idea or action, the soul exists, it leads men to act or think, that’s where my perception about the soul comes into play, that invisible, imaginary & organic spirit. We do not know if the soul has a color, but I like to take the risk of imagining it does, perhaps trying to find the answers that I don’t find in books.

Technical flaws in the propaganda, related to our real and everyday life.

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