“Empathy/a addresses the relationships we have with objects.  (The show is composed of) / (These are) contemporary allegorical works, which represent our perceptions of things beyond their mere use or symbolism.  Here we see the projection of our own feelings onto objects which, though inert, reveal internal aspects of ourselves.  In this case the artworks are based on autobiographical elements that recall the development of the artist’s own personal connections; from the relation he has with his mother, to the one he has with even the most artificial elements like internet. These pieces are a humble invitation to reflection, they encourage us to seek understanding of what it really means to put ourselves in the place of the other.”



Muestra Empathy 4 Los Angeles, California (baja)Muestra Empathy 5 Los Angeles, California (baja)Muestra Empathy 6 Los Angeles, California (baja)Muestra Empathy 8 Los Angeles, California (baja)Muestra Empathy 9 Los Angeles, California (baja)

Muestra Empathy 2 Los Angeles, California (baja)

Muestra Empathy 3 Los Angeles, California (baja)

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