These works are concerned with two areas. Firstly, the Mexican relationship between culture, economics and food. A combination of industrial products that are sold in the OXXO supermarket (the largest supermarket in Mexico) are placed in contrast with products found in the regional markets of Mexico City. This juxtaposition elaborates the relationship between the new and the old world, and consequently talks about the current situation in Mexico and its relationship to capitalism. These works in turn continue another area of ​​research which is concerned with our relationship to technology. For each work, a question is posed via Instagram using its “survey” function, and the percentage results of the of these votes is taken to generate the level of destruction that each piece will undergo. Leaving the integrity of the work vulnerable to this “unknown interaction” examines how we coexist with the technological impulses we receive from the internet, as well as the responsibility / irresponsibility of how we interact with it, and how an act can affect the receiver of that information on the other side of the world.

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