Chokokue Campesino I_Asuncion_Paraguay_latidoamericano_2016


“Chokokue” means Farmer in Guarani. In Paraguay the peasantry is an important social actor for the country’s economy. During 1989-2013 they were executed and disappeared 115 leaders and members of peasant organizations. These attacks has the objective of acquire the land of the farmers this is a due to large corporate interests linked to models agribusiness such as soy, this situation has led Paraguay to be the country with the most unequal land distribution in the World . More than 80% of the land is in the hands of less than 2% of the population. This work is a claim to peasant social struggle in Paraguay, a universal human right. Color grading turn is the abstract representation of the “triple Alianza” War (Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay) founded by the English colony. The consequences of this war was that almost 80% of the Paraguayan population were killed during that war, a latent print in the history of Paraguay.


Chokokue campesino III_Asuncion_Paraguay_latidoamericano_2016

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