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“19 de Noviembre de 1910”  is an edition of 35, four layer hand-pulled screen-print and hand-painted by EVER making each one unique. It measures 50 x 70cm and comes signed and numbered by the Argentinean painter. Only for £79.99 each on the Street Art news Shop

In October 2013, I was working in mexico with Mamutt Creatividad on this silkprint called “November 19, 1910”. My intention was to create a work made entirely in that country. The main idea was to build on what I feel and understand from the Mexican mythological history and social events, two factors that are constantly present in my work ( metaphysical, human and social realities ) .



The prints are achieved through a plastic exercise called “situationism” (one of the main driving currents of social events in France in May 1968 ). Using the method of “drift ” I have created several prints, each one different from another. That means that from the start, this work involves “political rhetoric”.



“November 19, 1910” is a mixture of mythological and historical processes, ie is a work that alters the reality of an event. Man justifies his actions via a higher power that commands it. His future is decided by a deity. What if we say then, that one of the most important social movements of the twentieth century ( the Mexican Revolution ) was due to the appearance of Xinolen , protector of corn and fertility? An Aztec goddess that night and day takes care of the most important food of Mexico , corn, and tries to tell the working people that the future is full of obstacles, but that in reality we ourselves have created them . “November 19, 1910” is more than a screen print, it is a metaphysical account of human ideals .  

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