“The Unexpected”

the unexpected_100x70cm_baja_2015


Oil on canvas 100x70cm (2015). Exhibited on Wall Street Gallery LA

“La Frontera”, Rio San Juan, Dominican Republic (2014).

everartesano01 everartesano02


The ArteSano project is an international public art initiative produced by Sketches For Mankind in collaboration with Gullyart, Mixed Media Collective and Inoperable Gallery.

During the week of December 12 to 21st, 2014 , the city of Rio San Juan , Dominican Republic , will host over 30 local and international artists for the first annual ArteSano mural and public art Project. Hosted by Evoca1 and curated by Inoperable Gallery, ArteSano project aims to promote and inspire young artists and give knowledge and recognition to the Dominican Republic in the world of urban arts and muralism.

Pictures by Elisabetta Riccio , special thanks to all the people of Rio San Juan!

“La llegada” collab with smitheone, Wynwood, Miami

La busqueda_ever smith_wynwood_miami_2014_worldjunkies sd%22La llegada%22 (detail 2) smith_ever_Wynwood_Miami_2014_baja %22La llegada%22 (detail center) smith_ever_Wynwood_Miami_2014_baja %22La llegada%22 (detail left 2) smith_ever_Wynwood_Miami_2014 copy_baja %22La llegada%22 (detail left) smith_ever_Wynwood_Miami_2014 copy_baja %22La llegada%22 (detail) smith_ever_Wynwood_Miami_2014_baja %22La llegada%22 (right view) smith_ever_Wynwood_Miami_2014 copy_baja


“La Llegada” Wynwood, Miami collab with the master @smitheone Special thanks to all my miami friends.

“The idealism trying to save the future on the night of September 26, 2014” Ciudad Juárez, México (2014)

The idealism trying to save the future on the night of September 26, 2014, Mexico (front)_colorwalk_ciudadjuarez_2014

The idealism trying to save the future on the night of September 26, 2014, Mexico (alone)_colorwalk_ciudadjuarez_2014


“The idealism trying to save the future on the night of September 26, 2014” Ciudad Juárez, México.


Special thanks to Color Walk for make this happens, gente linda y con futuro


Ciudad Juarez has several problems: what is up to us, we have been studying and developing proposals to create a new alternative cultural tourism for the same factor that over the years, has been given little or no importance being that culture is a weapon constructive progress, development and social integration at all levels.

To get to Ciudad Juárez, there are three modes: road, either coming from Janos, Chihuahua or Samalayuca, Chihuahua; by aerial means, reaching the airport Abraham Gonzalez; finally crossing any of the international bridges. Any of these three media, present the traveler, tourist or visitor generally a bleak picture: by road and air, cherish a vision of a lost city, abandoned, like a huge aftermarket and iron thereof auto junkyards , this gives us, in contrast to the desert, the projection of a city alone, cold and reflects indifference from us.

When crossing the international bridges, we see whole streets and infrastructure damage, adding to the bridge of the Americas, an ad that dramatically demand that “we do not want more weapons” [NO MORE WEAPONS], suggesting to visitors that are enter an area where weapons, is like seeing a tree or another car likely will witness a bloody deed.


Colorwalk® have the idea of changing these scenarios; through walls intervention-cutural contextual importance in the PRONAF


Color Walk is a Initiative to establish a comprehensive route “Street Art” and collaborate in efforts to create a new cultural tourism to Ciudad Juarez.


Ciudad Juarez situations (context)

IMG_5222 IMG_5174 IMG_5173 IMG_5170

Where my finger is pointing is Mexico, where the patrol is usa. What a shitty world. Memories and shapes of the beatiful and mysterious Juarez, Mexico, 2014.